🎥 Webinar - AWS and Suricata (Fundamentals)

We will be hosting an open webinar about the applicability and usage of Network Intrusion Detection Systems (specifically Suricata) and traffic analyses in AWS environments.

In it we'll cover the role network intrusion detection systems play in the MITRE ATT&CK AWS Matrix, networking, deploying and configuring Suricata as well as spending some time with 3CS AutoMirror to create an automated workflow that increases resiliency and security of your NIDS deployments.

The event is interactive and attendees are encouraged to participate as much as possible.


We'll be covering the following topics in the event:
  1. Applicability of NIDS and Traffic Analyses in AWS
    1. NIDS role in MITRE ATT&CK® AWS Matrix 
  2. Introduction to AWS VPC and its components 
    1. Subnetting; DHCP options; Access Control Lists
    2. NAT Instances
    3. Bastion Hosts
  3. Introduction to AWS EC2 in the context of NIDS and traffic capture
    1. Instance Types
    2. Security Groups
    3. Placement Groups & HPC
  4. Deployment and configuration of Suricata
    1. VXLAN 
    2. ENI - Elastic Network Interface
  5. AWS Traffic Mirroring
  6. Deployment and configuration of 3CS AutoMirror
    1. Automation
    2. High Availability 


20th of April @ 4PM UTC. Additional timezones.

Duration of the webinar: 2 hours


The event is open to everyone, even though we will not invite accounts that were created solely to interfere or spam the event. By the time registration closes, if you did not receive an invitation, please reach out to us.


Using a Google/YouTube-enabled e-mail address:

Registration closes on the 18th of April.


Simply visit the URL listed above at the time of the event. Even though you'll receive an email from YouTube inviting you to the stream a few days before the event date, the stream will only be live at the scheduled date.


There are many different ways that you can interact with us during the event, allowing you to chose the one you're most comfortable with.

The following will be monitored during the event to answer your questions:
Unfortunately YouTube Live Chat is not available in private streams.

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